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Kew Osteopathy & Natural Health is a satellite room for Prestwood Osteopathic & Natural Health Centre. Currently we an Osteopaths and an Acupuncturist working here but are looking to bring more therapies in. Philip Allen has long experience working with Cranial/Biodynamic Osteopathy and Jasbinder, our Acupuncturist, has wide experience with all aspects of health, as well as cosmetic Acupuncture, so please read the appropriate page to find out more.

All of us who work here, are committed to providing exceptional care and the highest standards of service and advice. We listen to our patients, take time to understand your need and find the best way to help.

About us

Kew Osteopathy & Natural Health  was formed recently by our Principal Philip Allen, who has also been working in Kew for 25 years alongside his sister-in-law Jasbinder Chana.  The room and waiting areas have been refurbished and space created to allow in other practitioners.

Reception is based in Prestwood, so you can make contact by phone as well as make appointments online.  Our staff consists of Practice Manager Caren, Ruth our head receptionist and Debbie; all of whom would be only to happy to assist you with information or booking. Our Cleaner in Kew is Helen who has been with us since 1997.

We are a short distance from Kew Gardens District line and Overground service.  The 110 and 391 buses come down Sandycombe road and the 65 will bring you to Kew Gardens.  On street parking is restricted between 10am and 12 noon so please look at our parking info on the contact us page. It is a beautiful area with many amenities including, of course, Kew Gardens.

Our Therapies

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What our customers say

“Many years ago, I had a frozen shoulder after an accident which physiotherapy and even surgery did not help. I had 2 acupuncture appointments and it was freed, so when I got Sciatica I went straight to Damon and in just one appointment it disappeared.  Then 3 days before my son’s wedding I got bursitis diagnosed by my GP who advised acupuncture. I went straight to Damon, and once again, one appointment saved “the day “as I’d spent a fortune on that dress. I was so thankful.”

Irene Clarke

“My first visit to Philip Allen was in 2006. He had already been recommended to me but this visit was triggered by an unfortunate incident when I was struck by a flying box mindlessly thrown out of a van parked in the street, giving me headaches and dizziness. Two treatments and I felt back to normal. Increasingly Philip has become an important part of my spiritual process, especially in relation to my body and how I live life. I have always regarded Philip as a magician in the sense that with his delicate touch he appears to be doing very little, but with significant consequence, more especially as I have grown in awareness and receptivity to his touch and his wisdom. It has always been a pleasure to speak to any of the reception team.”

David Hargreaves

I`ve been seeing Amee for 7 years.  I have always found the treatment and advice from Amee excellent.  Her care is first class!  I always leave my appointments happy, comfortable and looking forward to my next visit.  With Amee`s vast experience, I felt happy to bring my daughter in for her verruca treatment.

Sally Schoenfield

“Philip Allen is a true virtuoso in the treatment room and easily one of the best cranial osteopaths in this country. His main practice is in Prestwood and he also comes to London two days a week, which is why I consider him to be a hidden gem. I first went to Philip some years ago because of my painful periods. His sessions not only helped with that but started changing me and my life in the most beautiful and liberating way, which is why I go back to him for a session about every two months. Philip is a very gentle and kind man with a true gift for this type of work.”

Dochka Hristova

We “found” Phil when my second son was an intolerable, crying baby and I was at my wits end. I was undecided as to whether Phil offered help to my son or a placebo to me but was happy that things were improving.   I returned when a subsequent pregnancy left me barely able to walk. I remember staggering into his consulting room and pretty much skipping out. Following this I felt ready to explore how cranial osteopathy could help in managing my family’s well-being.

H A-R Beaconsfield

Over the years, I have undergone treatment for a variety of reasons, including bad back, post-operative care and post-natal care.  Russell’s treatment has always been holistic giving not only structural treatment but advice and support for emotional wellbeing.  His treatment has helped me through some very dark times and we are so blessed as a family to have Russell in our lives.

Jo Wood

Ben uses gentle techniques and is always calm and positive. He has treated me during and post-pregnancies and also had sessions with my babies and now children. We have all noticed great improvements and the children very feel comfortable going to the practice. Over the years, I have recommended Ben to a number of people who have mentioned benefiting from his treatments. We are lucky to have him and the practice in Prestwood!

Karine Lipinski

I have benefitted from treatment myself, particularly at times of physical or emotional stress. Most of these have been to do with maintaining health, but I also got rapidly better after a prompt treatment following a fall down some stairs. I am always left feeling more balanced, breathing better and able to cope. I have recommended Phil to those with and without children for a variety of different reasons.

Sue Lack

We have always found the clinic to be very friendly. On occasions using other osteopaths when Phil’s availability is limited. Although we haven’t used other services ourselves in pre Covid times there were always other satisfied patients in the waiting room. I must add that the attention to safety during the pandemic has been exemplary. We always feel very secure when visiting the centre.

Heather Ashby-Rose

My family have been treated by Damon for a number of years and have benefitted immensely. From migraine and joint pain to low energy and low mood and always a listening ear. The list is endless! We highly recommend Damon, and frequently do!

Jackie Youens

Helen is professional, friendly and attentive. After a treatment my feet are much improved and comfortable.

Alison Watkinson

I have been visiting Aimee for many years. I have nothing but good thing to say as she has been able to deal with my many conditions. She has always been professional & friendly. Would highly recommend her.

Cheryl Stokes

Hayley was recommended to me and although I live the other side of the country we managed appointments remotely.  Following a very simple blood test various food were identified as being unsuitable for my system. Since then, I have had more energy and few problems with my digestive system. The test and Hayley’s advice have been life changing.  She is a lovely lady and I can’t thank her enough for the help she gave me.

PH - Essex

My back has gone from strength to strength and I have even been able to take up gardening, something I never imagined my back could endure. I have introduced a number of friends to Ben for back and hip issues and they are all delighted by the results of his treatments. We all have a huge respect for Ben’s ability as a Cranial Osteopath as well as really appreciating him as a wonderful and kind person.

MG – Oxon

I have been seeing Russell periodically now for about 30 years. During this time he has treated me for a variety of muscular and similar problems, trapped nerves, sciatica, to name but a few.  Russell has a very friendly and re-assuring personality. He has a very professional approach to his treatment and works very gently but firmly. He always discusses at the beginning what treatment he is going to do.  He will offer advice as to how certain exercises could help and these are always very beneficial.

Avril Jackson

I first came to see Ben with symptoms diagnosed as ME that I had been struggling with for 2 years. Very quickly these symptoms became controllable and within a few months most had been eliminated. I am ever so grateful for Ben’s caring and understanding yet informative approach to Cranial Osteopathy. It really has been life changing and I would thoroughly recommend him to everyone.

Eleanor Rowbotham

Over the years I have asked Phil to help with anything from back ache and whiplash to concussions and health issues associated with internal organs playing up. I now visit for a general reboot every other month and consider his care to be part of my health plan. My children consider him a first port of call following a sporting injury. I can highly recommend his services.

Heather Ashby-Rose

Upon entering the clinic, there is always a friendly, warm and professional receptionist to welcome you.  Caren and the team always endeavour to help in any way they can; be it changing appointments, trying to find an emergency slot etc. Always polite. Always helpful.  They care about helping you and it sets the tone for the whole practice.

Zoe LLoyd

Damon brings a kind and empathetic approach to acupuncture to add to the efficacy of the treatment.

Kay Allen

After a prediabetic diagnosis from my GP I started to meet monthly with Hayley and she completely changed my life. After successfully losing three stone and no longer prediabetic seeing her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Highly recommended

TM - Chesham

I have a long history of back pain with severe congenital scoliosis and I have sought out the very best Cranial Osteopaths in London and Bath. I was anxious when I had to move to Oxfordshire but I was amazed and delighted to find Ben Colyer. Ben is one of the best Cranial Osteopaths I have ever been lucky enough to work with.


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